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circular fashion

Animal Welfare

At MuseTique we are passionate believers that it is not acceptable for animals to suffer in the name of fashion, lifestyle products or cosmetics and we will take all reasonable steps to protect the welfare of animals. We do not accept animal testing on any products, either during production or on finished products. We will never knowingly purchase ingredients, formulations or products from suppliers who have conducted, commissioned or been party to animal testing for cosmetics purposes on these products. The following animal materials are banned in our products: Fur, Angora, Down, Mohair and Endangered Species.


We want our products to stay in use for as long as possible – and many are designed for a second life too! Our candle jars and mailers are strong and re-usable, our natural fibre apparel are made to be re-purposed We also want to help more people do their bit to reduce our collective impact on the environment. We are stocking more and more sustainable products such as swimwear made from recycled plastic, and natural fibre apparel. If you have any suggestions of sustainable products you would love to see, then let us know!

Distribution & Packaging

The design and buying teams are working to reduce plastic packaging on products wherever they can. Our online order packages are now plastic-free. Our mailout bags are fully compostible and any boxes are made from recycled paper. All of our paper products, such as our labels and postcards are made from recycled materials.

We only utilise couriers that operate carbon neutral deliveries in Australia.

Raw materials

We are already designing products with many different sustainable materials, from seagrass and mango wood to materials made from recycled plastic and re-purposed waste. We are constantly looking at how to improve the raw materials that are used in our products, as well as using any waste material where we can. 

By 2023 we aim to only sell products that are made with 100% natural or sustainable fibres/materials or are completely recycled.

Waste & Disposal

At our office and at our Warehouse 100% of waste is now diverted away from landfill. And we have set ourselves an ambition to have an 100% reduce, reuse, recycle rate from our returns and stock.

Single use plastics are banned in our warehouse and offices. We encourage all of our suppliers to use biodegradable packaging.

zero emissions

We are an active supporter of the Australian Governments 2030 Emission Reduction Target. We are monitoring our energy use across our warehouse, and office and have a Zero Emission Target by 2026.

Diversity & Inclusion

An inclusive culture is at the heart of our philosophy of work and life at MuseTique. We recognise, respect and celebrate all difference so everyone is
welcome and free to be themselves.

We aimto ensure we do everything we can to promote a working environment where everyone has an equal opportunity to progress, regardless of gender identity or background.

We know that building and maintaining an equal, diverse and inclusive culture is a constant work in progress. Our commitment continues.

Ethical Trading

We are committed to sourcing the highest quality materials from many countries with diverse cultures and economies. We value long-standing trusting relationships with our suppliers, and we commit to working in a transparent and open manner with them all.

We require our suppliers to commit to our minimum ethical standards, such as ensuring Living Wages are paid, working hours are not excessive and workers are treated fairly.

cotton sourcing

There are real and ongoing concerns about the use of Government-backed forced labour and child labour during the cotton harvest season in Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Additionally, there are reports of forced labour within Muslim communities on cotton plantation in Xinjiang, Uyghur. MuseTique is vocal regarding our concern regarding this practice. The use of cotton from Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Uyghur in banned and not used in our products


The Remuse Project

We are passionate about our Re-Muse Project, our circular economy model. We have partnered with the Circular Clothing Collective to help you recycle your loved, but no longer worn, street fashion. Simply add a bag to your MuseTique order and fill with pre-loved pieces from your wardrobe, then return and know that you are helping make one small step towards stopping fashion heading into landfill.

Get a REMUSE Bag