Kindness Authenticity Concern

Kindness, Authenticity, and concern are so important at MuseTique they are in fact the core values of the business. 

Kindness is a word we use a lot at MuseTique. Kindness stretches across our team and beyond; from the way we work with our suppliers to how we like to treat each other and our customers, right through to how we give back to our community and our environment.

Authentic leaders, management of staff, decision making processes, are the back bone of MuseTique.  We are here to make significant change to the fast fashion waste environment.  We care and its important to us that absolutely no MuseTique clothing or waste ends us in landfill.

Concern is at the heart of our values at MuseTique.  We are concerned for the future, for the environment, for our staff, for the community, for animals, for humankind. This underpins everything we do. We strive to do business in a way that has integrity, is ethical and does not negatively impact others or the environment.