The Story of MuseTique

MuseTique is an independent Australian fashion and lifestyle store, breaking through the old norms, designing and operating their own way, with a circular economy, whilst still bringing fresh and fun fashion to the market.

Edie, is one of our many stars that shine brightly at MuseTique.  She is our founder, and is eccentric, quirky, inspirational and a true global citizen having lived her life in many countries.

Edie, after working in retail fashion for years, founded MuseTique with the goal of changing fast and mass fashion in Australia through a sustainably conscious business and a fully circular fashion production model.  The Re-Muse Project was born.

MuseTique has and continues to grow.  We are now a collaborative and connected team inspired by the alchemy of great design, fresh fashion, conscious thinking, and the belief that fashion has the power to positively affect how we feel. New designs launch online every week.

MuseTique originates from Queensland, Australia, a nature lovers paradise.  Beautiful one day, perfect the next.  We are surrounded by diverse environments and wildlife, and we at MuseTique are passionate about protecting our ancient rainforests, abundant oceans, enormous sand-dunes, reefs, coral gardens, unique wildlife and mountain ranges. 

We look to support grassroots bayside organisations who are taking the every day small steps to ensure our oceans are clean and our turtles, dugongs, dolphins, sharks, and ocean birds are protected.

We truly are grateful to play our part in changing the world.


Our Team x



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