Your guide on how to be 'THAT' girl

I'm sure you have seen the popular trend lately of how to be 'that' girl! The trend is focused around women becoming the best version of themselves. 'That' girl is someone who is highly motivated, focused on wellness, eats a healthy diet and hits goals! Below you can find a simple guide on how to become 'That' girl.


One of the most important steps in becoming 'that' girl is waking up early. Starting your day bright and early is a great way to utilise your time and achieve more out of your day. The trend showcases girls waking up early to focus on their goals such as starting a business or exercising. If you struggle to wake up in the morning start by setting yourself small goals until you find yourself waking up earlier with ease. 


You will see plenty of avocado on toast and lemon water with this trend. Eating healthy is an essential step to being 'that' girl. Be sure to eat a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner. It can be hard to eat healthy and adjust to diet changes, it is a good idea to plan your meals out for the week and head out for a healthy grocery shop so you have everything ready to go for the week!


Having an extensive hair and skincare routine is an important step. Nothing feels better than your skin looking and feeling flawless and your hair feeling shiny and healthy. Be sure to choose good quality products for your hair and skincare routine. After investing in good products the next step is ensuring that you stick to your routine and use the products correctly.


Moving your body everyday whether its hitting the gym or going for a walk has amazing benefits! If you find yourself with extra time in the morning from those earlier wake ups why not utilise that time to get your body moving! Exercise in the morning is a great way to set you up for a super productive day. You will feel and look amazing by adding some exercise into your daily routine.


Head out and get yourself some cute notebooks and journals. Dedicate some time everyday to sit down and write down your goals whether they are small goals for the week or bigger goals for the year writing your goals down from pen to paper increases your chances of hitting your desired goals! Use your journal to pour all the thoughts in your head out onto paper, this is a great way to clear your mind and wind down, many girls find journaling to be therapeutic and vital in their daily routine.


Another big part of being 'that' girl is reading books, maybe its reading a book in your free time to replace time looking at your phone screen or it could be reading some books that are going to teach you new habits or life skills such as books focused on helping you to save money or wellness focused. Reading books is a great way to gain knowledge and you will feel more relaxed with less phone time each day.