Top 5 Freedom Activities

Check out our top 5 recommendations for activities for your weekend - time to put some fun back into your life now that we are finally being allowed more freedoms! 

1. Boozy brunch with the gals

There is nothing better than getting all dressed up and heading out for drinks with the girls! Especially if you have been in lockdown and stuck at home for a long time. Head to your favourite local location and sip mimosas while enjoying catch up chats with your friends.

2.  Pamper yourself!

Get all your long awaited beauty desires fulfilled! There is nothing worse then sitting at home in a lockdown daydreaming about getting your regrowth fixed and nails infilled. Grab a friend and go on a well deserved glow up day. 

3. Go on a road trip

After being cooped up for so long there is no better feeling then hitting the open road! Pick a destination jump in the car and go on an adventure while cruising away to your favourite tunes. Soak up the freedom and enjoy the spontaneous fun.

4. Plan a day out

Organise a fun day out with family or friends. Head to the city or your favourite theme park. Enjoy finally getting to be out and about. Pack some yummy food and soak all the positive vibes with your friends and families company! 

5. Go to a fancy restaurant

Another great excuse to get dressed up and head out with friends! Head to your favourite fancy restaurant and indulge in all the food your heart desires. Why not splurge on some top of the line wine and food after being stuck with only takeaway food options for so long!