The ReMuse Project

We thought we would share our journey to sustainability and how important it is to us here at Musetique! 🖤

Our Goal

Across our business, our team members work hard each and every day to care for and protect the environment in which we work. Our focus at MuseTique is operating a 100% circular fashion economy whereby raw materials consist of natural/recycled materials and that returns and excess clothing is recycled, repurposed or resold.

Animal Welfare

We are passionate believers that it is not acceptable for animals to suffer in the name of fashion. We do not accept animal testing on any products, either during production or on finished products. The following animal materials are banned in our products: Fur, Angora, Down, Mohair and Endangered Species.

Raw Materials

We are already designing products with many different sustainable materials, from seagrass and mango wood to materials made from recycled plastic and re-purposed waste. We are constantly looking at how to improve the raw materials that are used in our products, as well as using any waste material where we can.


We want our products to stay in use for as long as possible – and many are designed for a second life too! Our candle jars and mailers are strong and re-usable, our natural fibre apparel are made to be re-purposed.

We also want to help more people do their bit to reduce our collective impact on the environment. We are stocking more and more sustainable products such as swimwear made from recycled plastic, and natural fibre apparel.

The ReMuse Project

We are passionate about our Re-Muse Project, our circular economy model. We have partnered with the Circular Clothing Collective to help you recycle your loved, but no longer worn, street fashion.

Simply add a bag to your MuseTique order and fill with pre-loved pieces from your wardrobe, then return and know that you are helping make one small step towards stopping fashion heading into landfill.