Podcasts that inspire us!

In light of International Women's Day we thought we would share our favourite women run podcasts that inspire us. Check them out below!

1. Life Uncut with Britt & Laura

Bachie finalists Brittany Hockley & Laura Byrne talk about all things love, life, lust, friendships and a bunch of other stuff. Their show is so popular they have even landed themselves a radio show! The girls constantly bring on inspiring women onto the podcast such as Em Carey & Camilla Franks.


Keep it Cleaner founders Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw get super real about all the stuff that matters with some awesome subject focuses including health, wellness, and mental health. The girls also get real about life as a new mum, boss career moves and friendships.

3. It's A Lot with Abbie Chatfield

If you are looking for a podcast that is super real and raw; this is the one for you! Abbie Chatfield is a hilarious over-sharer and delves into a wide variety of topics from feminism and politics all the way to relationship advice and sex tips. She always has women on the podcast that love to get real.

4. She's On The Money

If you aren't the greatest with your financials and hitting your saving goals, you will love listening to millennial money expert Victoria Devine as she shares her expert tips to achieve financial freedom. She covers a wide variety of advice from topics as small as pet insurance to how to better your credit score.

5. Flourish & Fulfilled with Sophie Guidolin

Sophie Guidolin is a mum of four and business owner, she gives us her insight on all things business, health, mum life, fitness nutrition and mindset. She helps guide women in finding the best version of themselves and live a more purposeful and driven life.