Iconic TV Fashion Icons

Tv shows over the years have provided us some huge fashion icons and inspiration for so many of our fashion trends over the years. Check out some of our favourite fashion queens and some of their iconic styles below!

1. Carrie Bradshaw - Sex and the city

The iconic Carrie Bradshaw brought us years of iconic streetwear and outerwear. Her style is full of bold and funky outfits and of course her abundance of designer shoes to match with the perfect outfits. Carrie's outfits still inspire people to this day and she will forever be a style icon.

2. Cher Horowitz - Clueless

Cher from Clueless was every 90's and 2000's girl style icon! Cher would wear bold quirky fashion with matching blazer and skirt sets, block heels and everything plaid! Even though the movie came out 27 years ago the fashion is still prevalent today with plaid skirts and block heels coming back into fashion.

3. Serena and Blair - Gossip Girl

These two girls provided us an array of high end fancy New York fashion outfits. With a mixture of bold, classy, sexy and high end outfits Gossip Girl showcases 6 seasons worth of dreamy fashion. Every fashion lover was in awe of the fancy ballgowns and statement streetwear of the icons Serena and Blair.

4. Rachel Green - Friends

Rachel Green is the ultimate 90's fashion queen! She was always ahead of the fashion trends with her iconic looks she rocked every style from denim overalls to Bloomingdales dresses and of course the iconic plaid skirt with knee high socks! Her style is still iconic and inspiring to this day.

5. Maddy and Cassie - Euphoria

Euphoria is everyone's latest obsession and we can't get enough of the fashion! Every character portrays who they truly are through their fashion style. Maddy and Cassie show us girly and bold fashion and its definitely out there! Not only are the outfits iconic but the accessories and funky hair just make it that much better!