How to get the longest life out of your clothes

Our focus at Musetique is operating a 100% circular fashion economy whereby raw materials consist of natural/recycled materials and that returns and excess clothing is recycled, repurposed or resold. 

We are working across every stage of the product lifecycle to become a more sustainable business at every turn.

So we thought it was important for us to share some hot tips on how you can be more sustainable with your clothes!

1. Donate to charity 

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Donating your clothes that you no longer wear is a great way to help the environment! Donating helps reduce the rate and production of new clothes being made. Donating is also a great way to help out people who are in desperate need of clothing.

2. Re-use your old clothing

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Have an old t-shirt or dress lying around that you no longer wear? Why not get your scissors out and get creative! Cut and chop your old clothing into different styles and designs. Just like that your old t-shirt is now a new chopped crop!

3. Sell your clothes

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You know what they say - one persons trash is another persons treasure! Rather then chucking your no longer loved clothes into the bin put them up for sale. Your old clothes can find a new loving home and you can make some extra cash while doing a good deed for the environment!

4. Thrift shop

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It is an absolute must to have some vintage items in your closet. Why not grab and friend and go to your local thrift shop. Thrifting is a great way way to find unique and one of a kind pieces of clothing! You never know what you might come across when thrifting and usually at a great bargain too. 

5. Take good care of your clothing

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Taking good care of your clothing is a great way to extend their life. Be sure to follow correct washing and care instructions. If an item of clothing happens to get damaged try to see if it can be repaired before deciding it needs the bin.