Destinations to visit now we can fly!

After a long wait we are finally able to fly out of the country yippee! We have come up with a must visit list now we can travel again. From tropical vacations to amazing sight seeing; you can check them out below! 

1. Italy

Who doesn't love the idea of amazing pasta, red wine and amazing scenery? Italy is full of traditional art and architecture, Italy is home to more than half of the European cultural heritage so if you are a history or art lover Italy is a must visit for you! Italy is surrounded by gorgeous coastline so you can enjoy lounging in your bikini and downing some delicious food.

2. Mexico

Mexico is one of the most affordable overseas vacations you can take. With great culture, food, drinks and beaches it is a must visit! Soak up all the Mexican food and tequila on some of the worlds best beaches. Mexico has a great music culture from clubs and traditional street music, its a great place to soak up a new culture and history.

3. Thailand 

If you are looking for a country to visit that's not to far from Australia, Thailand is a fantastic choice. If you are looking for a tropical holiday filled with adventure this is the perfect spot. Thailand offers some of the best diving sites in the world with a massive beach coastline filled with turquoise beaches. Thailand is also a cheap country to visit with a great nightlife and some amazing temples to visit.

4. Egypt

Egypt is one of the oldest civilisations in the world. Egypt has The Great Pyramids of Giza, the only surviving ancient wonder of the world and many tombs and statues that you won't get to experience anywhere else. Egypt offers many things to do during every season, its home to stunning beaches and blue water for summer and amazing architecture to see during winter. The Egyptian cuisine is is delicious and full of culture.

5. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is another great destination for the adrenalin junkies! You can enjoy adventure tours with white water rafting, diving, canopy tours and so much more! Costa Rica has pristine beaches with some beaches having unique black and brown sand. Costa Rica offers some amazing experiences from looking into the depths of an active volcano, relaxing in hot springs and swimming in waterfalls.