Binge worthy TV shows

We have had a very rainy summer which is frustrating but the one up side is it gives us all time to binge our favourite TV shows, hello Netflix, wine and bed! If you find yourself endlessly scrolling unsure of what shows are worth the weekend binge you may need some inspiration, you can check out our must watch list below:

1. Outer Banks

If you love a show with plenty of mystery, adventure and romance this is your perfect binge worthy show! Outer Banks is about a group of teenagers that stumble across a treasure map and start discovering town secrets. Trust us you will get addicted! You can find season 1 and 2 on Netflix, but don't worry the third season is being filmed right now <3

2. Dawson's Creek

If you love to 90's TV shows that have a bunch of seasons that you can binge for a while - Dawson's Creek is your got to! The teen drama follows the lives of a group of teenage friends through their adolescent years. There is lots of drama, romance and love triangles! You can also binge this one on Netflix.

3. The Bold Type  

The Bold Type is inspired by the former editor in chief of Cosmopolitan. You get to follow the lives of three women living in New York City and working at the magazine Scarlet. The show follows their lives as they navigate their career and romantic relationships. The show is very new age and fashion inspired. You can binge this show on Stan.

4. The Office

I'm sure you have seen plenty of memes on social media relating to The Office. If you love dry humour then you have to binge The Office. The mockumentary as they call it follows the life of an office manager and the employees he manages. The show has a whopping 9 seasons that you can binge on Netflix. 

5. Shameless

Shameless is a show that provides endless laughs, the dysfunctional family consists of a drunk dad, a mum that has split years ago and the eldest daughter trying to manage and control the tribe of crazy kids. Shameless is raunchy and hilarious. The show has an abundance of comedy and drama an absolute must watch! 

6. Euphoria

Last but most definitely not least, Euphoria is the show that everybody is talking about right now, if you are a Tik Tok fan I'm sure you have seen your fair share of Euphoria content. The show is based on a group of high school students you see their experiences when dealing with identity, trauma, drugs, friendships, love, and sex. A little warning the show does have some dark scenes around those subjects.