Benefits of Recycled Fabric

Here at Musetique we want our products to stay in use for as long as possible – and many are designed for a second life too! Our natural fibre apparel are made to be re-purposed. We also want to help more people do their bit to reduce our collective impact on the environment. 

We are already designing products with many different sustainable materials, from seagrass and mango wood to materials made from recycled plastic and re-purposed waste. 

Below you can read about the benefits of recycled fabric!

Reduce the amount of landfills

A large amount of fabric fills landfill space every year as a result of fast fashion companies. These landfills have an extremely bad effect on our environment due to the harmful gases they release into the atmosphere. Recycled fabrics help heavily reduce these nasty landfills and preserve our environment. 

Reduced water & energy consumption

The process of creating and manufacturing new clothing requires a large amount of energy consumption. The result of this process is a large amount of harmful gases and pollutants being realised. Recycled fabrics requires less energy and as a result less harmful pollutants into the atmosphere.

Less use of colourants & dyes

Chemicals, dyes and bleaches used on clothing that ends up in landfill produces a toxic wastewater. The water found at the bottom of landfills is 200 times more toxic than sewerage! This water is a large contributor to pollution. Recycled fabrics use much fewer colouring and dyes which helps to reduce pollution.