5 Ways to go Greener in 2022

If going greener in 2022 is something on your bucket list but your not quite sure where to start, we are here to help! Picking up more sustainable habits can make a big difference in saving our oceans and environment. Below you can find 5 ways to go greener this year.

1. Donate your pre-loved clothes

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Donating the clothes that you no longer use will help yourself and others be more sustainable. Donating your clothes means less buying of new clothes for other people and help prevent your clothes ending up in a dreaded landfill! 

2. Invest in reusable products

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Instead of buying bulk plastic water bottles each week, try buying a good quality water bottle; this will save you money and keep a large amount of plastic from being thrown away. Swapping out small everyday items such as straws, bags and coffee cups to reusable products is a big step in the right direction to living more sustainably. 

3. Reduce your water usage

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There is small steps you can take to help reduce your water usage such as being aware of how long you are showering and trying to cut down the length of time you spend running the water. Turning off the tap when brushing your teeth and using appliances such as your dishwasher and washing machine less frequently and on eco-mode.

4. Buy from sustainable brands

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Purchasing your products from eco-friendly brands is a great way to support sustainability. You can find eco-friendly brands for just about anything you are looking to buy such as clothing, cleaning products, make up and skincare. As a result you are helping save the environment and support brands that are passionate about sustainability.

5. Be aware of your energy usage at home

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Another simple way to go greener in 2022 is by monitoring your energy usage at home. Small changes can make a big difference such as switching your lightbulbs to florescent bulbs, switching off your lights and trying to utilise natural light where possible, and trying to minimise using electronics and air conditioning.