5 Things to do on a Lazy Sunday in Lockdown

We have all been there at some point over the past year, sitting at home going crazy with boredom as you spend yet another weekend in lockdown! Don't worry we have got you covered with some fun ideas to fill up your Sunday.

1. Give yourself a manicure

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Nothing feels better than a pamper session, whip out the nail file and nail polish, put on some upbeat music and enjoy getting a little bit creative with your nails. We can guarantee you will feel refreshed with your new manicure.

2. Give yoga a go

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Not only is yoga fun to learn but there is so many health benefits that come with this hobby, such as mastering how to reduce stress and anxiety which would be a great skill to utilise with the extra stresses that come with lockdown. 

3. Host a virtual cocktail night

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Hit your girls up and jump on zoom! You may not be able to see each other in person but that doesn't mean you have to miss out on beloved girls nights. Take your laptop to the kitchen and teach each other how to make your favourite cocktails. You can play some trivia or games while sipping them down.

4. Binge a good podcast

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The best thing about binging on a podcast is you can multi-task! Instead of laying on the couch binging Netflix, find a podcast that interests you, chuck your head phones in and do some house work while having a laugh! You will feel productive and uplifted!

5. Play with make up and hair styles

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Lockdown can result in us all walking around in daggy clothes with hair that is in serious need of some colour BUT what a perfect time to play around with some make up & hairstyles you normally wouldn't try or wouldn't have the time to try! Have a play around with your looks, take some selfies and walk out of lockdown with some new go to fire looks!