5 Things to do on a Rainy Summer Day

Rain on your summer day doesn't mean you cant still enjoy your spare time! With the La Niña phenomenon lingering around this summer we thought we would provide you with a list of fun activities to do on a rainy summer day.

1. Get in the kitchen

Invite some of your girlfriends over, put some tunes on and choose something delicious to bake! The best part about baking with friends is afterwards sitting down and chatting or watching your favourite tv show while eating your delicious freshly baked treats!

2. Go on a spontaneous road trip

Jump in the car with your friends and chuck on your favourite playlist! Just start driving and see where the day takes you whether you end up at a quirky café or pretty little town. Jumping in the car with no end destination is a great way to fill up your day when there isn't much else to do!

3. Get out in the rain!

One of the good things about rainy summer days is most of the time it is still warm weather outside. Why not go for a walk or swim in the rain! It gets you out of the house and keeps you active which is great for your mental health and avoids being locked up inside stuck on the couch all day.

4. Do an adrenaline pumping activity

Just because its raining doesn't mean their aren't heaps of indoor activities you can do to get your adrenaline going! Why not try indoor skydiving, an escape room, rock climbing or do an aerial yoga class! Trying something new and exciting that is out of your comfort zone is a great idea for a rainy day.

5. Head to your favourite bar or spa

If you find yourself bored on a rainy summer day why not get dolled up and go to your favourite drinking spot! Having some cocktails and delicious food is a great way to enjoy a summer day. If drinking isn't your scene you can head to your local spa for a nice relaxing pamper session!