5 Beach Day Must Haves

We thought it would be fitting with the weather finally warming up and summer approaching to talk about 5 must haves for your beach day adventures! Below you can find our top 5 recommendations and even a cheeky cocktail recipe ☀️

1. Sustainable Towel

The ultimate must have for the beach is a perfect towel! Our towels are sustainable and made from super soft cotton. A cute comfy towel is an essential for your sunny beach day out. We have a wide range of styles and colours.

2. Beachy cocktails

Why not grab your girlfriends and some cocktail glasses and head down to the beach to enjoy sunset drinks! You can pre make your cocktails so they are ready to pour as soon as your feet step onto the sand. A must try of course is a sex on the beach - find the recipe here

3. Sunglasses!

You can't hit the beach without sunglasses! Not only are they essential to keep the sun out of your eyes but they are the perfect beach accessory. We have a wide variety of sunglasses to offer from retro sunnies to sleek designs. 

4. A banging bikini

Of course an absolute must for the beach is a banging bikini! Whether its swimming, tanning or taking pics you want a great bikini that you feel bomb in! Keep an eye out on our website for our new swimwear range Eco Muse Swim which will be launching soon. The range is made from recycled water bottles so we can protect our environment whilst looking good!

5. A beach dress

You definitely need the perfect beach dress when going for a day out on the sand with your friends! Something nice and easy to slip into after a swim is always ideal. Plus if you decide to continue your day on at a beach club or bar its always great to have a cute dress to rock!